This is the discrete icon that will be installed on the device

The Downlow for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is revolutionizing the way people communicate, allowing users to securely and discretely share images and text. What makes this application unique is that YOU, the user, determine the encryption algorithm by creating personalized Keys. These Keys are what is used to scramble images and text. Once your recipient receives the encrypted media, they simply de-crypt it using the Key.


It’s easy to load images into The Downlow using the iPhone Camera, the Pasteboard, or the device’s Photo Album. Tap the camera button and choose the appropriate option. Now, simply tap the lock_3 button and your image will be encrypted. If for some reason you wish it to be further scrambled, just tap the lock again! You’ll want to tell the recipient to unlock the appropriate number of times to retrieve the original image. There is no limit!!


To send your image to someone through email, to save to your device’s Photo Album, or to save inside The Downlow in The Vault, tap the action4 button to bring up your choices. To use MMS, simply select ‘Pasteboard’ from the action4 button. This copies the image to the Pasteboard, which will allow you to Paste it into the Messaging application and send as an MMS.